Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Defunct Breweries

Unfortunately, as with any other industry, breweries come and go for various reasons. The list below, whilst probably not exhaustive, names those breweries. This list, together with the list of existing breweries, highlights just how many we've had in Northamptonshire since CAMRA kick-started the Real Ale revival. It may also help those who come to the county looking for beers they've had in the past but are having difficulty finding.

Abington Park Brewery - ceased 1997

Brigstock Brewhouse - ceased 2019

Cherwell Valley Brewery - ceased 2011

Cock Inn & Brewery - ceased 1997

Copper Kettle - ceased 2016. Equipment/premises acquired by Shoulder of Mutton Craft

Cotton End Brewery - ceased 2020

Cranky Cobbler - ceased 2015

Eastcote Brewery - mothballed 2021

Frog Island Brewery - ceased 2018

Gun Dog Ales - ceased 2021

Hart Family Brewers - ceased 2019

Hoggleys Brewery - became part of Phipps NBC. Beers phased out by 2019

Holcot Hop-Craft - ceased 2020

Hunsbury Craft - ceased c. 2014

J Church Brewing - ceased 2017. For a short period some beers were contract brewed by Potbelly

Latimer Ales - now supplying brewing vessels and systems -

Leyland Breweries - ceased 1999

Litchborough Artisan Brewery - renamed Eastcote Brewery after owner purchased the Eastcote Arms in 2021

Litchborough Brewery - the Original microbrewery, opened in 1974. Bought by Liddingtons in 1983 and ceased in 1986

Merivale Ales - ceased 1996

Merrimen Brewery - sold in 2019 and relaunched as Litchborough Artisan Brewery

Nobby's Brewery - ceased 2020

Purple Cow Brewing - ceased 2020

Spotty Dog Brewery - dormant

The Cannon Brewery - ceased 2001

Tom Smith Ales - ceased 2016

Warden Brewery - ceased 1998

Whistling Kite Brewery - ceased 2016

Whittlebury - moved to Towcester and changed name to Towcester Mill Brewery

Cider makers

Badby Craft Cider - ceased 2019

Eve's Cider - ceased 2019

New Lodge Vineyard - only wine produced

Rockingham Forest Cider - ceased 2019

Vale of Welton Cider - ceased 2019

Compiled with the help of 'Century of British Brewers - plus 1890 to 2004' copyright the Brewery History Society 2005, and a good memory.